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While Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) was founded in 2001, its online payment system was established in 2002. Immediately after its inception, it has been widely popular and gathered more than 2 million new registrations within a short timeframe. In 2013, Skrill also took over paysafecard before it ultimately got taken over by Optimal Payments (the mother company of Neteller), meaning all three now belong to Optimal Payments. As a result, there is a wide merchant coverage as well as a wide selection of payment methods you can enjoy when using Skrill.

Skrill Review – Account Creation

Account creation is an easy process and self-explanatory process which only takes a few minutes. Standard details such as email, password, name, adress and phone number (for verification) are common. You will also choose under which currency your account should be denoted with. Be careful as this is a one-time decision only and cannot be revoked. Multiple currency accounts are only available for Silver VIP and above.

As Neteller and Skrill are under the same parent company, the US is serviced (unlike ecoPayz) and some asian countries (such as China) are not.

Tip: If you take advantage of our Guru Deal, you can receive Silver VIP status with only 5.000 EUR (instead of the usual 15.000 EUR) in outgoing transactions and immediately open a new currency account. At Gold VIP (15.000 EUR instead of 45.000 EUR), you even benefit from two new currency accounts.

Skrill Review – Deposits

Deposits can be done via the following methods (fees are in brackets):

– Bank Transfer (0%)
– Credit card (2,25%)
– eps (2%)
– Neteller (3%)
And many more…

Deposits made through wire transfers usually arrive within 2-5 business days. Other methods may be faster, but also incur a small fee for processing the transaction. While Skrill has more options available than ecoPayz, it still cannot trump Neteller’s range of deposit methods.

Skrill Review – Withdrawal

Withdrawals are possible via the following methods (fees in brackets):

– Bank transfer (5,5 EUR)
– Credit card (7,5% USD)
– Skrill Prepaid Mastercard (1,75%)

Bank wire withdrawals take around 2-5 business days to arrive at your account. Meanwhile, withdrawals with credit card can take up to 7 business days. A faster and cheaper option (for amounts below 315 EUR) is to use your Skrill Prepaid Mastercard to withdraw instantly at any ATM.

Skrill Review – Security

With Skrill’s Two-Factor-Authentication your account receives a higher layer of security. By combining an username and a password with a piece of information only the user knows (such as a random code sent to your phone), it becomes very difficult for potential intruders to hijack your account.

Skrill Review – VIP Program

Skrill’s VIP program has only 4 stages and works on a quarterly basis. As a result, it is, in terms of volume, both easier to achieve (6.000 EUR per quarter vs Neteller’s 10.000 EUR per year) and harder to maintain. Becoming a Diamond VIP is also easier with Skrill than Neteller, despite its quarterly basis (360.000 EUR vs 2.000.000 EUR).

BronzeAfter 6.000 EUR in transfers in a quarter.
SilverAfter 15.000 EUR in transfers in a quarter.
GoldAfter 45.000 EUR in transfers in a quarter.
DiamondAfter 90.000 EUR in transfers in a quarter.

However, if you feel the numbers are too high, simply use our Guru Deal and benefit from easier-to-achieve VIP stages!

Skrill Review – Support

On Trustpilot, Skrill scores a 1.4/10 as a whole. At this point, the reader might think “Why should I use a service that is this bad?”. When scouring around trustpilot, you can also see a fair amount of people giving excellent reviews. If you look deeper, you might find yourself on two sides: One that says they had no problems at all and one that claims to be scammed. Some arguments given against scam is the strict verification process. Uploading wrong or insufficient documents will cause your account to be frozen until your identity is verified. This procedure is standard and might be the source of the low ratings Skrill has.

However, with our Guru Deal, you will have personalised Skype support to ensure that you will receive help in a timely and efficient manner. If you have any problems with Skrill, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we are ready to help at your notice!